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What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is the implantation of colour into the upper dermal layer of skin. The equipment and pigments used are specially designed to give a natural enhancement of the facial features of eyebrows, eye-lining and full lip creation. Correction of shape is possible in most cases.

Micropigmentation is a convenient time saver and great investment for those who want to look their best at any time. No more make-up smudge or wipe off.

Who Benefits

  • Anyone who desires the freedom from daily make-up application 
  • Sports people and those with oily skin who tend to lose their make-up prematurely 
  • People with sparse, thinning eyebrows and eyelashes 
  • People with allergies to conventional make-up 
  • Physically impaired e.g. Arthritis 
  • Visually impaired e.g. poor eyesight

Price List

  • Brows 1st Treatment $255 - 2hrs 
  • Brows 2nd Treatment $185 - 1.5hrs 
  • Eyeliner Bottom 1st visit $195 - 1hr 
  • Eyeliner Bottom 2nd visit $110 - 1hr 
  • E/liner Top Cleopatra Style 1st Treatment $295 -2.5hrs 
  • E/liner Top Cleopatra Style 2nd Treatment $205 - 2hrs 
  • Eyeliner Top Natural 1st Treatment $215 -1.5hrs 
  • Eyeliner Top Natural 2nd Treatment $125 -1.25hrs 
  • Full Lip 1st Treatment $395 - 3hrs 
  • Full Lip 2nd Treatment $205 - 2.5hrs 
  • Lip Blend 1st Treatment $290 - 2.5hrs 
  • Lip Blend 2nd Treatment $145 - 2hrs 
  • Lip Liner 1st Treatment $240 - 2hrs 
  • Lip Liner 2nd Treatment $120 - 1.5hrs 
  • Consultation $47

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