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COVID-19 Updates for
Savingface Clients

What Level 2 Means For Us

At Level 2 we adhere to strict hygiene guidelines. If you are even slightly sick you cannot enter our clinic, or if anyone of our Saving Face team are sick, we have to stay home. 
You cannot bring anyone else with you to the clinic, you must come alone. When you arrive you must text or call us, and then we will let you know when you can enter, due to the fact that we can only have one person in the reception area at a time.

Because of the close proximity of clients to salon staff, we will wear PPE gear. That includes face masks and gloves, on top of our usual practise of hand washing and strict hygiene, such as new bed liners for every client, door handles sprayed and surfaces disinfected regularly.
While adhering to these strict hygiene guidelines, we will be able to continue with most of our usual treatments and services. We are very much looking forward to continuing to look after your skincare needs during this challenging time. Please keep safe :-)

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