Makeup Sponge Applicator


How to use: For a flawless finish every time, use the pointed end of the Saving Face Makeup Blender sponge, around the eyes and edges of the face. Use the rounded end of the makeup applicator for flat or large areas of the face.

Note: The Saving Face Makeup Blender Sponge should be sprayed with a small amount of water before applying makeup. This moisture also helps to decrease the amount of product absorbed by the sponge.
The Saving Face Makeup Sponge applicator must be dried in a ventilated area after each use.


Saving Face Makeup Sponges or Blenders are a soft tool used to apply liquid and cream makeup products to make your makeup application more even and smooth with a streak-free, flawless finish. Each makeup applicator comes with coffee cup style storage container included.

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Pink, Aqua


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